These Guys Used Actual Ducks To Recreate A Disney Classic. Nooo, Too Cute!

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Everybody loves ducks. They’re just a silly, awesome animal that people enjoy throwing old bread to. Baby ducks, duck bills, duck feet, duck tails… they’re all good! But do you remember the show Duck Tales? A Youtube channel called “Oh My Disney” definitely remembers it. In fact, they just did something great with that old Duck Tales them song—they recreated it with actual ducks and oh my, Disney is it adorable.

Check it out! It’s a duck-blur.

I love how focused the duck is when he’s jousting. He’ll make a worthy knight. In case you forgot it, the video below is the original Duck Tales opening. Let’s see how well our duck friends did:

Pretty spot on. Now Netflix just needs to release all of the Duck Tale episodes so I can binge-watch the entire series. Or maybe Oh My Disney will do the whole series using their duck cast? Please do that. I would pay a pool full of gold for that.

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