Super Bowl’s ‘America the Beautiful’ prompts calls for gun control!/Thrownpeas/status/298210666794340354

No, it was no accident. Right on cue, many Twitter users parlayed the pre-Super Bowl performance by Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook kids into an opportunity to call for stricter gun control laws:

Looks like the kids of sandy hook are honouring the country whose gun laws put all their lives in danger #SuperBowl

— Official Dan Wickwar (@dannyboy069) February 3, 2013

The Sandy Hook School Chorus from Newtown is adorable. Just makes me hate American gun laws even more.

— Aashna Shawna (@aashysmilez) February 3, 2013

If seeing the kids from Sandy Hook sing doesn’t make everyone want to put down their guns, nothing will. #sandyhook #superbowl #guncontrol

— Denise Wheeler (@denisedwheeler) February 3, 2013

If ever a moment for gun control it’s watching the sandy hook elementary chorus singing & wondering how many kids are missing. #SB47

— Deborah Op den Kamp (@debodk) February 3, 2013

Sandy Hook Elem. school choir.Class act by the NFL.And quite the message to the gun nuts. #SuperBowl #sandyhook #NRA #fuckthenra

— Nameless Proletarian (@Otakar227) February 3, 2013

okay, yes, and sandy hook sang very nicely. but america won’t be beautiful until you change the ugly gun laws…

— Floss H-S (@SuchAGoodKitty) February 3, 2013

@teapartycat What’s left of the Sandy Hook Choir brought to you by the @nra

— DLP (@DJScratchinfish) February 3, 2013

Ironic that the sandy hook kids are singing about the country that won’t protect them by banning guns.

— Daniel Cross (@DanXross) February 3, 2013

America confuses me. Sandy Hook kids sing at SuperBowl and hands go on hearts, but its OK to own the guns that killed their mates. #bonkers

— Lee Woodard (@wildonion) February 3, 2013

Jennifer Hudson and the Sandy Hook chorus, both affected by guns. The NFL is making a statement that I approve of.

— Kate Grabon (@KateGrabon) February 3, 2013

Perhaps CBS should have hired NBC’s Bob Costas to sing along with the Sandy Hook kids.


Here is video of the performance:

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