It Looks Like A Normal Vlog, But When You Hear What He Has To Say, You’ll Be Crushed

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At 10 years old, Ryan Wiggins was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Now 14, the teen from Hertfordshire, England, is a victim of relentless, heartbreaking bullying. His family tried moving him to a new school, but it didn’t take long for the cruelty to begin all over again.

Wiggins created this emotional short film to reveal the pain that he endures every day. As he goes about his normal day, the soft-spoken teen narrates the fear, loneliness, and anguish he’s forced to deal with at every turn. His only hope is that “maybe tomorrow,” things will be different for him.

(source: The Daily Mail)

The film was posted by Anna Kennedy Online — an autism and Asperger’s awareness organization — during National Anti-Bullying Week. Thankfully, Wiggins has reportedly found a better school environment at a technical institute where he’s able to further his creative education in the arts.

No child should ever have to endure such horrific bullying. We should all come together and put a stop to it for good.

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