Cleaver: Romney shouldn’t criticize Obama in front of a black audience!/secupp/status/223072324876910594

Today’s lesson in race card logic comes to us courtesy of Congressional Black Caucus chairman Emanuel Cleaver. Here’s how he reacted to Romney’s criticism of Obamacare while delivering a speech at the annual NAACP convention:

Rep Cleaver (D-MO) MSNBC: booing Romney on healthcare “inappropriate but predictable” & “he should never have gone there in the first place”

— Greg Giroux (@greggiroux) July 11, 2012

Video via The Washington Examiner:

Such is life under Obama’s post-racial presidency. Apparently a white candidate must never “go there” when speaking to a black audience about a black opponent’s policies. It’s okay to talk about Obamacare, just not to “this audience.”

Would Rep. Cleaver would prefer that Romney lie? Does he think black Americans need to be pandered to and spoon-fed liberal pablum instead of hearing what Romney’s candidacy is really about?

Nothing racist about that. No siree.

Shorter Rep. Cleaver: Obama should not be criticized in front of the American people because of his skin color.

— joe warner (@jwarner180) July 11, 2012

Conservatives on Twitter tried to puzzle out how Rep. Cleaver’s logic might apply to other situations.

So I guess President Obama shouldn't criticize Romney in front a white audience in Ohio, right Rep. Cleaver? #StuckOnStupid

— Seth (@dcseth) July 11, 2012

According to Cleaver's logic, Obama shouldn't criticize Palin while speaking before women.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 11, 2012

Rep. Cleaver must also believe that Obama can never criticize Romney in front of white voters. Right?

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) July 11, 2012

Obama shouldn't criticize obsesity in front of fat people.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) July 11, 2012

Can Obama criticize Romney in front of white audience? @secupp: Cleaver: Romney should not have criticized Obama in front of black audience.

— Brad Boll (@acoltfan) July 11, 2012

This tweet just might blow Rep. Cleaver’s mind.

Rep. Cleaver shouldn't criticize Romney criticizing Obama in front of a black audience in front of a white audience.

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) July 11, 2012

Hey, Rep. Cleaver, we’ve got news for you:

@BenHowe Anybody who says the president shouldn't be criticized is obviously not well versed in history or the Constitution.

— This Will Kill You (@stephenkruiser) July 11, 2012

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