It’s A Good Idea To Make Sure Your Food Is Dead Before You Try To Eat It

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Despite their bad reputation in some circles, frog legs can be pretty delicious. That being said, it takes a skilled chef to prepare them just right. Oh, and you also need to be prepared for the legs to move a little bit. You see, at the time of death, a frog’s legs are still biologically functional. If the muscles are stimulated — with electricity, for example — they can move.

You can get the same effect by adding simple table salt to the legs while they’re still raw. That’s because table salt contains the same kind of sodium ions that are used in batteries. The sodium ions enter the negatively charged muscle cells. That causes a pretty bizarre reaction, as you can see in the video below.

(via Brain Stuff Show)

The muscles will go on moving like that until they’ve used up all of the remaining adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules. In case you didn’t know, ATP is what our muscles use for fuel. Pretty freaky, right?

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