They Heard The Creepiest Sound In A Tree Outside Their Home…This Is What They Found

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This family was sitting at home one evening when they heard the strangest sounds coming from outside the house. When they went outside to see what was going on, creepy singing was coming from one of the trees on their lawn.

What they found was a parrot sitting near the top of the tree…singing R. Kelly’s classic “I Believe I Can Fly.”

In case you’re wondering, the parrot sang the first line, the woman followed with the second set of lyrics, and the parrot knew to continue the song by picking up after her!

What’s even more amazing is that this talented parrot knows other songs too…

Imagine not knowing this was a parrot, and going outside thinking there was a strange man singing in a tree…like an opening to “Criminal Minds.”

The morning after, the bird’s owners were found via a Craigslist ad. They came by and slowly coaxed the parrot down (with ’90s hits, I assume).

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