22 Times Dogs Tried To Be Menacing But Just Made Us Fall In Love Harder

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Certain breeds of dogs have a reputation for being mean and aggressive. But it’s been proven time and again that cuties like pit bulls, German shepherds, and rottweilers are all just big softies deep down.

Then there are the dogs who try so darn hard to prove to us that they’re big, menacing pooches that shouldn’t be messed with. But ultimately, they just make us fall even more in love with them.


2. Wanted: vicious dog after terrible attack.

3. “When I’m done chewing through this, I’m comin’ for ya!”

4. This police officer responded to a “vicious dog” call…and adopted the pup.

5. “This is for that time you fake-threw that tennis ball.”

6. “Watchu lookin’ at, punk?”

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7. “Fear me!”

8. “I’ve seen some things in the ‘hood.”

9. Even her smile is terrifying.

10. “Your flip-flops had it coming!”

11. “I will stand my ground…maybe.”

12. “Gimme all your lunch money…or else.”

13. “Did you just call me ‘short’? Oh, it’s on.”

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14. He’s just mad Mom stopped his hole-digging fun.

15. “What is this slippery beast from hell?!”

16. “As soon as I get onto this curb, you’re in trouble!”

17. He’s just taking a break from bullying.

18. The mailman won’t know what hit him.

19. “Look at my ferocious teeth! Now rub my tummy.”

20. He brought backup.

21. Beware of guard dog.

22. Speaking of guard dogs — this guy may be the most menacing of the bunch!

Gosh, they’re just all so terrifyingly adorable. I’m beside myself with fear!

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