You’ll Never Believe What People Are Smoking In Order To Get High OMG!

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Did you know that there’s a subspecies of scorpion called the death stalker?

While most people in the world know that the arachnids aren’t to be messed with, some just don’t take the hint.

All scorpions are poisonous, carrying debilitating venom in their tails, but some are more dangerous than others. Don’t let their size fool you — some scorpion venom is so potent, it can kill a human.

Which is why it’s extremely absurd to see a new trend gaining popularity from Asia to the Middle East. People have taken a liking to smoking scorpion tails. Apparently, the venom inside provides the smoker with an intense high.

Apparently the venom in a scorpion’s tail provides people with an intense high that is very addictive. The poison’s intoxicating effects are almost instantaneous and can last as long as 10 hours.

The first six hours of that high are documented as being incredibly painful. And it’s understandable why that is — you’re body isn’t used to having poisonous venom running through it!

After the excruciating pain subsides, though, the high is said to be euphoric, often causing hallucinations.

Scientists insist that people shouldn’t be smoking the scorpion’s venom because it has detrimental effects on the human brain — even worse than most drugs. However, because the high is so addictive, the practice is gaining popularity.

Finding scorpions in these regions is also incredibly easy…and it’s hard to outlaw a naturally occurring critter.

While scorpion smoking is rare on a global level, it’s incredibly difficult to combat. Government officials are working on creating new laws that would ban the practice, and medical researchers intend on doing more research into the phenomenon.

Here is a video of a young man smoking a scorpion’s tail. You can see the intoxicating effects for yourself.

(via Oddity Central)

Hopefully this trend doesn’t continue gaining ground, because it seems extremely dangerous.

One person recounted how his brother lost his mental faculties to the horrible habit: “He left his job and started indulging in unusual habits. Scorpions are highly toxic. That is why my brother is like this. He spends most of his time aimlessly walking around.”

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