Mike Tyson writes and performs a song for LeBron James


This story can go one of two ways. We could say LeBron James has hit a new high in his career by getting songs dedicated to him by one of the most popular sports figures ever. Or we could say Mike Tyson has hit a new career low.

We’ll go with the latter.

Sigh. The first couple of times Tyson tried to sing it may have been funny, but it’s getting old quick. His voice is SO HORRIBLE we can’t even laugh anymore. We just want to cover our ears and cry.

That Mike Tyson dedication song to LeBron James just made me cry. Literally…

— BC (@BryanCraw4D) June 14, 2012

Soooo nobody saw mike tyson singing about lebron james? Shit was kinda funny… Not gonna lie.. Haha

— They call me OZ!! (@tHtMaNoZ03) June 14, 2012

No words for that Mike Tyson tribute to Lebron…only laughter.

— Smash Adams (@JSmiff_) June 14, 2012

Just heard mike Tyson sing about lebron hahahaha. You don't hear anyone singing bad about KD #OKC #ThunderUp

— Nick morrison (@NickMo26) June 14, 2012

Now this is freaking funny. Mike Tyson Performs "LeBron James": http://t.co/NzNVzFht via @youtube

— bill sanders (@billsanders) June 14, 2012

Mike Tyson serenades LeBron with an original masterpiece. Makes me wish he bit my ears off. http://t.co/nTjLzmtU

— Faux John Madden (@FauxJohnMadden) June 14, 2012

Mike Tyson shitted on LeBron. 😂😂😂

— Dre (@slickintrovert) June 14, 2012

just saw the song Mike Tyson sang about Lebron James. Mike is doing a lot of singing lately. funny

— JP (@JPHS) June 14, 2012



Lebron listens to mike Tyson's song b4 every game…..well he should anyway

— Joshy (@Miami_ReHeat) June 14, 2012


Unfortunately it looks like there are plenty of people who still find his singing quite humorous.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/14/mike-tyson-writes-and-performs-a-song-for-lebron-james/

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