10 Super-Helpful Life Hacks You Should Definitely Know About

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At this point, you might think you’ve read all the life hacks this world has to offer…

There are the general, genius ones, the hacks specifically for the kitchen, the clever cleaning tricks…we could go on for days.

But even we were pretty impressed by how simple these ten tips were when we came across them…how did we not know about these?

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to fall asleep fast or an all-natural remedy to reducing acne, read on to find some answers to life’s little annoyances.

1. Blink fast for a minute to make your eyes tired and help you fall asleep.

2. Improve your sleep by stretching for five minutes before turning in.

3. Use sugar to coat your tongue when it’s burned.

4. To help yourself adjust to bright light, close one eye for a few seconds.

5. Reduce acne and close your pores by finishing off a hot shower with cold water.

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6. Get a smoother finish by putting your nail polish in the fridge for 15 minutes before applying.

7. Get rid of acne scars by making a paste of honey and nutmeg and applying for 30 minutes every day.

8. Cut the end off your onion and soak the rest in cold water for 30 seconds to stop from crying.

9. Use a clothespin to hold nails in place when you hammer them.

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10. Cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead to alleviate a headache.

Check out all the tips right here.

Life: successfully hacked!

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