Zimmerman reenacts the night of Trayvon Martin’s death; many convict regardless


This video is George Zimmerman’s reenactment of what took place the night Trayvon Martin was fatally shot.

Even though an actual court of law has yet to find him guilty of any crime, many have already convicted him.

Just watched the George Zimmerman video explaining how he killed trayvon Martin, and this dude is getting twisted all up in his lies SMH!

— J.Roosevelt (@TheRealJMASH) June 23, 2012


this 15 minute video of George Zimmerman explaining how he killed Trayvon Martin<< he sound like he lying

— asia (@deyHATE2LIKEme) June 23, 2012


just got finish watching George Zimmerman video of how he killed Trayvon, he sounded real shakey! #RIPTrayvonM.

— DollBaby (@jazzykadabby) June 23, 2012

This George Zimmerman 15 Min Reenactment video is a fail 100%.

— Namasté (@Music_xCraze) June 23, 2012

That new video of Zimmerman will piss your life off. He sounds like a sack of filthy lies.

— Dani. (@thatsDaniforyou) June 23, 2012

I just watched the new George Zimmerman video now I see how messed up the judicial system is in America

— J-Ron (@jayeaglin) June 23, 2012



Zimmerman acting out how he killed trayvon martin smh http://t.co/S3PZ24I6

— Knuckles Da Great (@KnucklesDaGreat) June 23, 2012

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