This Tornado Footage Looks Like CGI, But It’s Totally Real And Completely Terrifying

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When it comes to taking unnecessary risks, chasing storms and tornados ranks right up there with taunting lions. That being said, storm chasing is still a terrifying hobby for some and a lucrative profession for others.

If you think that job sounds like a joke, just wait until you check out the video below. These storm chasers found themselves just yards away from a massive tornado in Wray, Colorado, earlier this week…and they were running low on gas.

That looks like something out of a movie.

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And I’m sure they wished it was.

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They survived, but it was a pretty close call. Check out the rest of the video below.

(source: Compilation Nation)

Nature is a fearsome beast. We all might be better off if we spent more time fearing its wrath than we do depleting its resources. Just saying.

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