They Managed To Enter The World’s Only Floating McDonald’s…And It Was Creepy AF

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In 1986, the World Exposition on Transportation and Communication (aka Expo 86) was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, and McDonald’s was determined to have the best exhibit. Thus the “McBarge” was built on the waters of False Creek. The world’s second floating McDonald’s restaurant was supposed to be the centerpiece of waterfront development and new technologies in the area.

Unfortunately, the McBarge never became as popular as its creators had hoped, and has since been abandoned. But luckily, through a strange Canadian maritime law loophole, the guys at Vancouver’s Worst Ghost Hunters gained access and filmed what’s left of it.

As a guy who gets seasick inanely easy, the combination of being out on the water and devouring fast food doesn’t exactly entice me, so I can see why this place closed down.

Since the filming, the barge was moved to Maple Ridge, British Columbia, where it was refit. Apparently, it’s going to be a brand-new attraction in an undisclosed location.

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