Marine Returns Home To See His Disabled Son Walk For The First Time

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For people serving in the military, there’s nothing better than returning home to the ones they love after spending so much time away.

When this Marine father left to fight overseas, his six-year-old son, Michael, was in a wheelchair, unable to walk on his own. Michael has cerebral palsy, and doctors said that he would never walk…or do much of anything, for that matter. But Michael had other plans. While his father was away, he achieved an unthinkable goal.

The family kept it a secret the whole time Dad was gone. Watch what happens when this proud father sees his brave son walk for the first time.

What an amazing moment. Michael clearly has the heart of a lion and the dedication of a Marine. It’s also pretty obvious that these parents are more than proud of their little fighter. With determination like that, Michael will continue to prove his doctors wrong.

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