Huge explosion rocks Mount Qasioun in Syria [video]!/AlexanderPageSY/status/330820777828028417

A day after Israel reportedly launched an attack on a “consignment of advanced, long-range, ground-to-ground missiles destined for Hezbollah,” explosions are again being reported in Syria, this time on Mount Qasioun, overlooking Damascus. Unconfirmed video has already been uploaded to YouTube.

Photo of explosion… cc @lrozen#Syria

— Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) May 4, 2013

#Syria Video of the explosion on Mount Qassyoon…

— yalla souriya (@YallaSouriya) May 4, 2013

#Damascus just trembled and shook under a huge explosion, literally #Syria.

— Hala Jaber (@HalaJaber) May 4, 2013

This image allegedly shows the massive explosion that hit the Qasioun Mount just few minutes ago #Syria #Damascus…

— Ahmad Rahban أحمد (@arahban) May 4, 2013

#BREAKING: A huge explosion rocks #Damascus. Primary reports say its from Mount Qasioun – Activists #Syria

— Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin) May 4, 2013

Activists are reporting a massive explosion that shook the whole capital #Damascus few minutes ago. #Syria

— Hani (@Ugariti_Homsi) May 4, 2013

More photos about the huge explosion in #damascus #Syria Via…‎”

— Gharib الغريب (@troublejee) May 4, 2013

A very big, unprecedented explosion shook Damascus #syria, reports suggest Jabal Qassioun ammunition depots and possibly another air strike

— Ibrahim (@BobJaw) May 4, 2013

Something big going on in Damascus, #Syria right now. 2 hours of gun fire followed by huge explosions.

— freesyria74 (@freesyria74) May 4, 2013

Mount Qasioun also has the TV and Radio transmission towers for Damascus

— Lewis B. Sckolnick (@Lewisxxxusa) May 4, 2013

Friends in Damascus say they saw something like the sun and ‘feeling like earthquake’ WTF #Syria

— Lauren Williams (@Laurenwillgo) May 4, 2013

Syrian State TV has just broadcasted that Israel was behind the Qasyoon explosion and that it was a missile attack #Syria

— Rami Jarrah (@AlexanderPageSY) May 5, 2013

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