What Keeps Happening To This Comedian Is Just Insane. I’d Hate To Be His Agent.

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Adam Newman is a comedian based out of New York City. He’s done sets on David Letterman, Comedy Central and even has his own album available. But as prolific as this up-and-coming comedian is, it seems the comedy gods smile upon him most when his routine falls apart due to the misbehavior of the crowd. Comedy is hard, but this guy has had it rough.

In 2012 Adam Newman put on a heckler’s jacket and found something truly sinister in it’s pockets. (2:29)

Then just this month, as Newman describes, “Police officers arrested an audience member during my set then yelled at me.”

Comedy isn’t always how they show it on tv. If anything good can come from these instances it’s that Adam Newman gets the publicity he deserves as a calm veteran of comedy who has at this point, literally seen it all. Follow Adam on Twitter

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