Playful Panda Does Everything He Can Think Of To Defy His Caretakers

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This mischievous and playful panda at a Japanese zoo just wants to have a good time, especially if that means defying everything his caretakers say.

Watch as the little guy runs circles around staff, whose only job is to make sure he’s unhurt and happy. Well, he’s happy for sure…but he might have a few minor bruises after all those adorable shenanigans!

Doing a barrel roll is always the best defense.

“You guys aren’t my parents…Impostors! I’ll escape your foul clutches.”

In the end it’s all about teamwork…and a clumsy little fall.

That was hilarious, but for some reason I don’t think wearing what looks like a severed panda head as a hat is the best way to get this silly guy to trust you.

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