Bill Clinton co-opts MLK memorial to lie about voter ID, push gun control [video]!/davidharsanyi/status/372791435642560512

Bill Clinton evidently does — and he wants the rest of us to believe it, too.

Speaking at today’s event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Clinton took the opportunity to do what he does best: Lie his flaming pants off.!/ByronYork/status/372790710464163840!/whitehouse/status/372790998864121856

Yes, he actually went there:

(Note: Clinton’s voting rights/gun control remarks are toward the end of the clip, but be sure to watch the whole thing to hear him invoke King’s name to lament “political gridlock” and pimp Common Core.)!/Matthops82/status/372790718957223936

The same planet as Matt Yglesias:!/mattyglesias/status/372790942191091712

And yet what, Matt?

There is so much dishonesty in Clinton’s remarks, where do we start? How about here:!/charlescwcooke/status/372791580064612352

And then there are these inconvenient truths:!/CatsPolitics/status/372791369779011584!/CatsPolitics/status/372792038866952192

Dear @billclinton:

You need an ID to buy an assault weapon. Nice try though.

Intelligent people— Matthew H. (@Matthops82) August 28, 2013!/OneTonTurtle/status/372793978199875584

You should choose your words more carefully, Bill:!/charlescwcooke/status/372791773078093824

Is this really what you want?!/charlescwcooke/status/372794204100886528!/EWErickson/status/372793537126883328!/CAAmyO/status/372792158819872768!/SonnyBunch/status/372793942850297856!/JonahNRO/status/372794023460630528

On Bill Clinton’s planet, you don’t have to have a clue what you’re talking about:!/jrsalzman/status/372792758529843200

You just have to know how to demagogue:!/baseballcrank/status/372791282596196352!/GaltsGirl/status/372791162991423488

It’s shameful and disgusting.!/CFHeather/status/372790870799810560!/Matthops82/status/372792369294229504

What an absolute disgrace.!/CatsPolitics/status/372791694644617216



Clinton’s stupidity had at least one NYT editorial writer swooning:!/fstonenyt/status/372792280077185025

Unfortunately, like Clinton, he’s completely full of it:!/CharlesPadraig/status/372804802003996672

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