Lib radio host Mike Malloy calls Satan to check on Breitbart in hell!/KenShepherd/status/223174157284802560

Need proof that the late Andrew Breitbart is still with us and still getting under the Left’s skin? Look no further than progressive talk host Mike Malloy, who dropped trou and let loose all over Breitbart’s grave Tuesday.

The revolting Malloy thought it would be just hilarious to place a mock phone call to Satan to find out what Breitbart is up to in hell. This is the hateful, endlessly bitter face of liberal civility:

Libtalker Mike Malloy calls Satan in Hell to ask how Andrew Breitbart is doing

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) July 11, 2012

To listen to Malloy, you’d never know that Breitbart was a freedom-fighter working night and day to expose the Left’s corruption and misdeeds. You’d think Breitbart spent time as an Exalted Cyclops in the Klan. Or maybe that he left a woman to suffocate to death in a submerged car.

A reminder of the kind of guy Malloy is via Mediaite:

In March, weeks after Breitbart’s death, Malloy said that he should “burn in Hell” and that he was “goddamn glad” he died. Nothing happened then, probably nothing will happen to him now — but its a glaring example of selective indignation in the media over the “civil discourse” issue.

@MikeMalloyShow: You are one twisted freak. #Breitbart will haunt you for the rest of your miserable life. Enjoy stewing in your hate.

— Carol Vicic (@CarolVicic) July 11, 2012

@DonIrvine They have lost all sense of decorum and decency!!! #Breitbart #tcot @GOP #inde #lib @TheDemocrats #p2

— Defund NPR PBS & NEA (@Jarjarbug) July 12, 2012

Lost? That implies Mike Malloy once had decorum and decency.

@trscoop @DLoesch You see this psycho call on radio: #BreitbartLives I betcha Andrew's blushing in heaven @ this hater.

— Joe4Liberty (@Joe4Liberty) July 12, 2012

A small, despicable man you are, with a pitiful audience. God bless Andrew, may God have mercy on your bitter soul. @MikeMalloyShow

— GENXR (@speakez6) July 12, 2012

One self-described “Clintonista” is absolutely disgusted.

The phone call to hell is exactly why I hate some liberals. Sounds like he took a page frm markos. #Breitbart #NOCLASS!

— Diana Lynn W. (@La_Diana) July 12, 2012

But Malloy has his cheerleaders, of course. Here’s one of the hate tweets Breitbart might have retweeted.


— Little Australia (@LitThom) July 11, 2012

Mike Malloy can place imaginary phone calls to hell every day and he’ll never chip away at Andrew’s legacy.

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