Are the #MTVVMAs a sign of the decline of civilization? Some Twitter users say yes!/tgiovanetti/status/371849598836289536


You don’t have to be a senior citizen to agree that many parts of the MTV VMA show earlier tonight were not only cringe-inducing, but downright civilization-threatening.!/AndrewSkyrunner/status/371806121465368576!/tonywoodlief/status/371823072019369984!/tonywoodlief/status/371829327660199936

The exact moment of the fall? The perfect storm of twerking Miley Cyrus, the creepy teddy bears, and creeper Robin Thicke, of course.!/BurtchChris/status/371805162933075968!/ChrisKSiebrand/status/371852717452300288!/whatakaracter/status/371821415772585984

Cue R.E.M…

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