In Case You Didn’t Know, Your Mattress Becomes Gross Fast…Here’s How To Clean It

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Let’s look at the facts…

  • The average human spends about eight hours a day in bed — that’s nearly 3,000 hours per year.
  • During that time, we shed pounds of dead skin.
  • Oh, and every single night, we sweat about a half pint.

Now for an important question: how often do you clean your bed?

We’re not talking the sheets or even the mattress cover…the actual bed. Because like it or not, all that dead skin and perspiration eventually makes its way in that direction. Luckily, Melissa Maker of Clean My Space is here to show us just how to get our beds squeaky clean!

I had no idea my bed was housing dust mites, dead skin, and other unmentionable things…which is why I’m cleaning it as soon as I get home tonight!

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