Press sec. ‘Liar McLiarPants’ Carney lies and flashback mockery ensues!/whpresscorps/status/248094685300662272

Press secretary Carney continued his pattern of lies today. He also reiterated Ambassador Rice’s lie, claiming the violent and deadly embassy protests were not “premeditated.” Because, movie.

Carney: Video, Cairo caused ‘some of the unrest in Benghazi’

— JWF (@JammieWF) September 18, 2012

Truth doesn’t matter when you have an Obama to cover! These Twitter users kindly try to offer the truth to the Liar McLiarPants.

@PressSec you are an idiot, WH & Prez can lie all they want, American's know this was a planned terrorist attack, another WH failure.

— Suzie Watkins (@suziewatkins) September 18, 2012

@PressSec Americans are NOT stupid, and you sir, are embarrassing yourself. #truth bury it all you want, it always comes to the surface

— Sandra (@SMC_35) September 18, 2012


— John Reynolds (@racero857) September 18, 2012

His lies continue.

@PressSec Oh please…he doesn't stand for my values and I'm sure you remember the bitter clinger speech? He's the welfare pres and chief…

— Missy Boyd-Scott (@MissyBoydScott) September 18, 2012

Ah, yes. Surely he’d remember that one. But, wait …

Carney @presssec conveniently forgets O's bitter clinger comment now that he has to protect #Obama from himself. #tcot #Liars #MediaBias

— jbryant (@jrobbry) September 18, 2012

Jay Carney knows three Obama “bitter clinger” columns, evidently!

Reporter asks @PressSec Jay Carney "what abt the 'bitter clinger' comment?" Carney: "I don't remember that column." Room erupts in #Laughter

— Steel Magnolia (@Southrngirl77) September 18, 2012

How hilarious! Aren’t liars funny? Is that the lapdog version of a pat on his purty, little head? Aww, look at the little liar … how cute! Or is it that even members of the media realize that he should be the subject of ridicule and scorn?

@PressSec: Jay, when the room full of reporters at the #PressConf erupt in laughter it might mean they know you're lying. #JustSayin

— Steel Magnolia (@Southrngirl77) September 18, 2012

Flashback, Carney:

Obama Press Sec Carney: ‘Bitter Clingers’ Comment a Huge Weakness for Obama

— JWF (@JammieWF) September 18, 2012


Oh snap! Ha Ha RT @GOP: VIDEO: Flashback 08: Jay Carney (@presssec now) Takes Obama To Task Over "Bitter" Comments

— Flora Duh (@FloraDuh1) September 18, 2012

Awkward: Jay Carney disparaging Obama’s “bitter clingers” remark in 2008: "I don't remember that colu… #tcot #gop

— FloridaJayhawk (@HouseCracka) September 18, 2012

These Twitter users sum up the press briefing.

The comments of the hapless @PressSec today are hilarious

— JWF (@JammieWF) September 18, 2012

It's sad and pathetic to see Romney's spokesman melting down because of the "47%" video. Oh, wait, that's Jay Carney.

— John Hayward (@Doc_0) September 18, 2012

And Rush Limbaugh sneaks in with the win.

LOL. Rush Limbaugh just asked if Jay Carney has had a pap smear yet. @davidaxelrod @presssec

— GAYRIGHT (@gayright) September 18, 2012

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