This Giant Crab Is One Creature That You Definitely Don’t Want To Mess With

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The problem with eating crabs is that for all the work that goes into the process, there isn’t much of a payoff.

Unless you’re feasting on a 29-pound Tasmanian giant crab, that is. These colossal crustaceans can be found anywhere from 66 to 2,690 feet below the surface off the coast of Australia, and they look like they were created by some sort of mad scientist in a lab.

If you order one of these things for dinner, you’re going to need a bigger hammer.

Tasmanian giant crabs can reach 18 inches in width.

They come in second on the hugeness scale, since Japanese spider crabs can grow up to 12 feet wide.

The males grow twice as large as the females. The females’ shells remarkably change color when they produce eggs.

These crabs normally feed on slow-moving crustaceans and starfish, but they’re also into cannibalism.

Although they can live to be 80 years old, their massive size often makes them fall victim to overfishing.

Want to see a Tasmanian giant crab in action? Check this out!

I don’t understand how people find pots big enough to cook these things. Interestingly, they are often kept alive before being exported. I’d sure hate to be the guy who has to feed them!

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