Chris Matthews bombs at Jeopardy!!/bradherold/status/202184234654367744

Q:What happens when cable tee-vee celebrities such as MSNBC host Chris Matthews go head-to-head with other D.C. politicos on Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! trivia program?

A: Hilarity ensues, of course.

Super genius leg tingling Chris Matthews losing by several thousand on celebrity Jeopardy! #tcot

— RD (@righty_dad) May 14, 2012

Not just Jeopardy. RT @SaintPetersblog Seriously, Chris Matthews is not very good at #Jeopardy.

— Ronnie Whitaker (@RonnieWhitaker) May 15, 2012!/pleindespoir12/status/202190021439139840

Chris Matthews was a massive fail on Jeopardy, but southern boy Robert Gibbs did great #represent

— Ethan C. Barnhardt (@EthanBarnhardt) May 14, 2012

Wondering why Chris Matthews continues to volunteer to embarrass himself on #Jeopardy.

— Carrie Kobb (@CarrieKoala) May 14, 2012!/BootandBowties/status/202185923054682112

Chris Matthews on Jeopardy: I'll take "I love Obama" for $1,000 Alex.

— Nels (@debitking) May 15, 2012

Chris Matthews is the Admiral Stockdale of Jeopardy.

— John O'Connor (@johnroconnor) May 14, 2012

Omg. Awful night of Jeopardy. Chris Matthews why do you even exist?!

— Chelsea (@MemorialAddress) May 14, 2012

Wow, Chris Matthews is a train wreck on here #jeopardy

— Graylin Porter (@graylin_porter) May 14, 2012

Chris Matthews is the latest in the long, odd trend of news personalities doing poorly on Jeopardy.

— Jeremy Garofalo (@jeremygarofalo) May 14, 2012

We smell an SNL skit coming on…

Bonus flashback: Blitzer bombs…

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