I Had Never Even Heard Of This Kind Of Farm Before Today. And Now I’m Utterly Disgusted.

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Throughout Asia, something is happening to innocent animals. There are farms that are sources of cruelty and animal abuse, all for the sake of harvesting a substance that can be used in medicine. Asian countries like China, North Korea, South Korea, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar all participate in bile collection from bears because of the demand for the bile in homeopathic medicine. The conditions these bears live in are deplorable… but one bear was able to find freedom and happiness.

The Asiatic black bear (also known as the sun bear) is used throughout Asia for its bile.

Unfortunately, to extract the bile from the bears, they are kept in horrible conditions.

They sit in small cages all day, barely big enough for them to move.

Their bile is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

But there is no excuse to keep them in these cages, known as “crush cages” or “extraction cages.”

Bile bears only live to be about 5… but their wild counterparts can live up to 30-35 years.

Iris is a Eurasian brown bear rescued from a horrific bear bile farm in Shandong province.

She experienced the pain of being a bile bear, having an open wound that her bile was extracted from.

She now lives at the Chengdu bear sanctuary after surviving her stay at at the bile farm that she was liberated from.

Extracting bile from bears is a particularly painful process. It is extracted using various painful techniques, most of which cause terrible infections in the bears. The cruel practice continues even though there are herbal and synthetic alternatives on the market. Thankfully, Animals Asia saved her from her days being confined in a “full metal jacket” that drained the life out of her. Now, she is gleeful, alive and healthy.

(H/T Paw Mane Fin) More than 10,000 bears are kept on bile farms just in China. Share this article and let others know of the cruel practice that is still going on today. Hopefully, more bears can end up like Iris.

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