These Strange Vending Machines Actually Exist And Now I Want Them In My Office.

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When you want a snack at the office, the airport or maybe even at school, you look for the glorious vending machine. Very rarely do they ever offer anything healthy… but that might change.

These aren’t your average vending machines. The convenient automated appliances aren’t just for snacks and Red Box rentals anymore. In fact, in Australia they’ve introduced one that will cook you up a toasty pizza! It only has two choices, hot salami or margherita, and they are a bit pricey at $12 each, but hey…pizza is pizza! Take a look at this video showing off the clever culinary invention:

And it’s simply the latest in the line of oddball options others have come up with over the years. Check out these other bizarre vending machines that have popped up all over the world.

Lit Cigarettes




Mashed Potatoes





(via Mashable.)

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