Breitbart is here: Did an Obamacare rep cheer Andrew Breitbart in live-chat session?!/MBGlenn/status/383582218959855616

As Twitchy reported, hilarious trolling of live-chat reps revealed they don’t have a whole lot of answers when it comes to the October 1 rollout of the Obamacare insurance exchanges. But there did appear to be at least one sign of intelligent life among the chat-bots.

Breitbart is here:!/MBGlenn/status/383591660115861505

When a blogger chat-trolled the Obamacare marketplace earlier this week, a rep using the same chat-name revealed he was familiar with the late Andrew Breitbart.

The words quoted by Marybeth come from this speech:

Read the full transcript of Marybeth’s adventure with an Obamacare marketplace rep.!/MBGlenn/status/383589815411036160

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