For the children: Spider-man Chris Christie squashes classroom invader!/GovChristie/status/330418473618534401

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie showed a classroom of children today just who’s in charge in the Garden State. It’s not quite helping a cat down from the roof, but Newark Mayor Cory Booker can’t be everywhere. Besides, Booker probably would have captured the spider alive and found it a new home.

@govchristie @corybooker where was booker???

— michael rukin (@naturaln9ne) May 3, 2013

@dmataconis not quite Booker-esque but hes getting there @govchristie

— mykawada (@Mark_Kawada) May 3, 2013

Hey @corybooker, eat your heart out MT @govchristie Today I saved a few school children from a spider #nobigdeal…

— Hunter Walker (@hunterw) May 3, 2013

@govchristie Booker is not impressed ….

— Carlos, el puto amo (@CarlosGerboles) May 3, 2013

@govchristie Gov. you should have made sure that the spider wasn’t on some endangered list.

— Ray Livosi (@RayLivosi) May 3, 2013

We don’t imagine Christie spends a lot of time worrying about what PETA thinks of him.

@peta you see Governor Christie kill a spider? #OhNo

— Cy M-C (@CyDuck75) May 3, 2013

@govchristie I hope PETA doesn’t see this video!

— R G (@yanks4ever79) May 3, 2013

Update via Jeryl Bier:

Christie may not care what PETA thinks, but that doesn’t mean the group won’t go ahead and weigh in on his “thoughtless act.”

PETA: Shame on Christie for killing that spider…

— EdMorrissey (@EdMorrissey) May 4, 2013

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