This Dog Seemed Like A Lost Cause, But With Some Help, He Was Given A Second Chance

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Severely wounded and shaking with disease, a dog named Kalu was found at a construction site in India, where he was nestled in a hole and waiting to die. A humane group called Animal Aid Unlimited brought Kalu back to their clinic, and the rescuers sadly thought that euthanasia was the only way to end the dog’s suffering.

But something about his character made them think twice. His wounds were cleaned, and after several months, the dog gained a new face — and plenty of new friends. Be warned that Kalu’s wounds are pretty intense at the beginning of this video, but it’s all worth it to watch him embark on a new journey.

There are thousands of animals in dire need of the kind of care that Kalu received. But this can only be done with the continued support of organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited. Click here to donate today!

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