Sand Is Literally Erupting In The Deserts Of Saudi Arabia

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Just when you think you have nature figured out, a weird video like this one comes along. Below, you can see a crew of men in working somewhere in the desert of Saudi Arabia, trying to fill a hole. However, every time they fill it with sand or other debris, after a few moments, it shoots back out, sort of like a geyser.

Is there some sort of monster living below the sands of Saudi Arabia?

It sort of looks like the monster from “Return Of The Jedi.”

Likely, what we’re seeing here is a naturally occurring blowhole. According to the National Park Service, blowholes are formed from small openings in the ground through which air blows out or sucks in. This is caused by a temperature gradient between the air inside the hole and outside of it. Once the temperatures inside and outside the hole equalize, that’s usually when the hole stops blowing.

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