A Mentally Disabled Toddler Nearly Drowned…But Then Something Miraculous Happened

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If you didn’t believe in miracles before, you certainly will after witnessing this.

It was moving day for a West Seattle family when a parent’s worst nightmare happened…not only did Natalie Holiday have a bad feeling, but she also couldn’t find her two-year-old daughter. The mom immediately called 911 and everyone started searching.

Her little girl Catalina was developmentally delayed and Holiday sensed something was off.

It was her 12-year-old son who found his sister facedown in their neighborhood’s pond. When he pulled her out, she was unresponsive. After multiple rounds of CPR, both from a neighbor and authorities, Catalina came to.

What happened next blew everyone away…

(via LittleThings)

Before the tragic accident, Catalina had never spoken a word. But after such a close brush with death, she can suddenly form sentences…now that’s a miracle!

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