An Alleged Murderer Left His Mic On In The Bathroom What He Said Is Chilling

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WARNING: spoilers ahead!

As part of the holy trinity of modern true-crime stories along with Serial and Making a Murder, The Jinx is a documentary that follows Robert Durst, an extremely wealthy real estate heir to a New York City mogul and accused murderer of three…possibly more.

The documentary is well worth a watch, but if you don’t feel like spending six hours with an alleged serial killer, the insanely gripping last two minutes of the final episode may be the most important scene in the series…and of the true-crime genre.

The premise sounds almost comical — Durst excuses himself to the bathroom and begins talking to himself, forgetting his microphone is on. But what he says while he’s in there isn’t funny at all.

The day before this episode aired, Durst was arrested for first-degree murder. He is currently being held in federal prison, awaiting his trial for the death of his longtime friend Susan Berman.

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