She Survived A Tornado To Almost Not Make It Out Of The Wreckage. This Is Her Rescue.

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The end of 2015 was rough for much of the middle of the country, where tornadoes ripped across countrysides, destroying homes and taking lives in some places. Rowlett, Texas, was one of those towns where an EF3-rated storm swept through, wrecking Michael Delgado’s home in its path.

Though his brother and grandmother were inside when the tornado hit, they were safely rescued from the rubble after it passed. When cleanup crews came to the scene days later, they heard whimpers and pulled the family’s yellow lab out. He was also alive and well.

It wasn’t until even later and right before they were about to leave the scene that rescuers heard another small cry for help…

Lucy, the family’s miniature pinscher, had survived in between wall studs and made one final cry for help. Thankfully, these brave rescuers saved the day yet again!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by these terrible storms.

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