Lance Armstrong’s confession prompts tweets about ‘Dodgeball’!/ScottPaterno/status/291970749072302080

One of the greatest athletes of our generation has just admitted to being a drug cheat. So, naturally, people are tweeting about … “Dodgeball”?

Well now Dodgeball means nothing to me. Lance Armstrong’s inspirational speech to Peter La Fleur was based on a lie. DODGEBALL IS A LIE!!!!!

— Mark Thompson (@theMTbrain) January 18, 2013

The ending to “Dodgeball” would have been so different if Lance’s confession had happened before 2004, with no epic pep talk to Vince Vaughn

— Molly McGlynn (@Molly_McGlynn_) January 18, 2013

I watched Dodgeball the other day. Lance’s cameo at the end made me sad.

— Stephanie Haberman (@StephLauren) January 18, 2013

Waiting for Lance Armstrong to apologize to Vince Vaughn for lying to him in Dodgeball. #doprah

— Alexa Dettelbach (@asdettel) January 18, 2013

Most importantly, will Lance Armstrong give back the money he made from his appearance in Dodgeball?

— David Lloyd (@DavidLloydE) January 18, 2013

I knew Lance Armstrong has been lying since the day he said he watched ESPN 8 in “Dodgeball”. The Ocho doesn’t exist!

— Keith Ehlis (@keithehlis) January 18, 2013

Perhaps Armstrong’s evasive answers are bringing back memories of Patches O’Houlihan’s five D’s of Dodgeball: dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge.

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