Anaheim, Calif., police accused of brutality; angry protests; riot cops on scene!/queenofhewaterf/status/227224827755364352

MSM coverage here and here. From the LA Times article:

Anaheim Police Sgt. Bob Dunn told The Times the incident began Saturday when two patrol officers tried to approach three men in an alley in the 600 block of North Anna Drive about 4 p.m.

It was unclear why the officers first approached the men, but Dunn said they gave chase and one of the officers followed one of the men to the front of an apartment complex in the 700 block of North Anna, where the shooting occurred about 4 p.m.

The man was taken to a hospital, where he died about 7 p.m., authorities said.

Police remained at the scene to investigate the shooting, Dunn said, and were encircled by a group of people who began throwing things, including bottles and possibly rocks, at the officers. At one point, the crowd also pushed a dumpster holding burning trash toward police, reports said.

Officers used non-lethal rounds and pepper balls to control the crowd, Dunn said. A police dog also got free from an officer’s car and charged at several people before it was pulled back, he added.

Critics of the Anaheim police are flooding Twitter with complaints of brutality and excessive force:

Anaheim police are domestic terrorists #news #CA #California #Anaheim

— Anon_Pagan (@idrobinhood) July 23, 2012

Murder in Anaheim w the killing of the muchacho,police attacks on LaRaza.The Raza can't let that shit get to do something about it!

— AztlanConnect (@AztlanConnect) July 23, 2012

RT @occupypolice: Flood the lines people! Tell Anaheim Police we're not gonna take it! Anaheim PD: (714) 765-1900 Anaheim Mayors Office:…

— Support #FreeAnons (@cliffpotts) July 23, 2012

Anaheim police shooting wtf Feds need to be out in a gas chamber and let them cunts choke

— hussein (@h4r13y88) July 23, 2012

Police in Anaheim were shooting men women, & BABIES with guns loaded with bean bags, and tried to buy cell phone videos of people recording

— Jimmy McNulty (@Dave_B_NY) July 23, 2012

He was shot by Anaheim police………over nothin !……… #FUCKTHEPIGS

— RAWONE (@ITS_DA_RAWONE) July 23, 2012

This happened yesterday. Police riot in Anaheim. Not even babies are safe from police violence. Thx @angrywhitekid

— The Dreamkiller (@Eyeslam) July 22, 2012

Some protesters are advocating violence:

A second police shooting occurred last night.

Second death in #Anaheim: Police 'kill a handcuffed man', cops filmed firing on women & children

— RT (@RT_com) July 23, 2012

2nd man killed this weekend by #anaheim police ID'd as Joel Acevedo, Mother had Facebook premonition of his death

— GustavoArellano (@GustavoArellano) July 23, 2012

BREAKING: RIGHT NOW 200 protesters gather at Guinida Lane and Palm Drive after Anaheim police kill a handcuffed suspect

— Mike Prysner (@MikePrysner) July 23, 2012

Another day, another fatal police shooting, another angry protest in Anaheim.

— Whodini Bolero (@WhodiniBolero) July 23, 2012

Earlier this morning, riot cops were reportedly on the scene:

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