Twitter remembers Spc. Dennis Weichel!/TheFFInformer/status/185216555947274240

Here’s the report from CBS Boston:

The Pentagon says he died from injuries suffered in a non-combat related incident. But the truth is 29-year-old Spc. Dennis Weichel Jr. of Providence was a hero.

Weichel, who was a member of the Rhode Island National Guard, was struck and killed by an armored vehicle in Afghanistan March 22.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that the National Guard revealed he died moving an Afghan girl to safety shortly before the accident.

Weichel was in a convoy with his unit in northeast Afghanistan and some children were in the road blocking the vehicles.

Dennis Weichel is what you call a real hero. #RIP

— frijoles (@pancakesnstuff) March 29, 2012

Rest In Peace Dennis Weichel. He died saving the life of an Afghan girl while serving our country

— Cool Jay (@jayjay__91) March 29, 2012

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