He Somehow Got A Brown Recluse And A Black Widow To Hang Out On His Finger

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Common sense is something that most of us have in abundance, especially when it comes to spiders and how we should behave around them. Personally, I like to run away screaming with my arms flailing, but that’s just me. Other people, such as YouTuber Quaoar Power, go about situations like this a bit differently.

A few years ago, Quaoar Power encountered a brown recluse and a black widow while visiting his brother’s ranch in Texas. Instead of busting out the Raid spray, he decided to let both arachnids hang out on his hand for a few minutes. Luckily for us, he filmed the entire thing.

He must have nerves of steel.

So much nope. I’m shaking just watching this, so I can’t even imagine doing it myself. I think I’ll keep running and screaming. That’s worked for me so far.

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