Watch As This Pit Bull Patiently Waits In Line To Get Ice Cream

In the summertime, there’s only one thing that can get your kids up and running out the front door — the ice cream truck.

When an ice cream truck’s jingle comes within earshot, kids expect their parents to fork out some money so they can buy a sweet treat. But as it turns out, kids aren’t the only ones who love a frozen snack from the ice cream man. This friendly pit bull is well aware that the ice cream man is possibly the greatest human in existence.

Upon hearing the truck’s song, this excited pup rushes over to the truck and takes her place in line, her human companion following with money. When it’s the pooch’s turn, she looks in awe as her mom hands over the cash and receives the joyous ice cream treat. In a matter of moments, the pit bull pup is in ice cream heaven…and then she’s hungry for more.

This hungry pooch sure knows how to get her way.

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There’s no denying that this pit bull’s love of ice cream is the real deal. Be sure to share this with the animal lovers in your life!

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