Eye on Occupy: Reckless in Seattle (and beyond)


Those troublemakin’ tea partyers, what with their rapin’ and pillagin’ and plunderin’ and … oh, wait.

It seems that the peaceful Occupy movement is all about the occupation, and nothing about the peace. If there was any lingering doubt that this movement is dangerous and destructive, let the following put that doubt to rest. What’s happening right now in Seattle and in other cities around the U.S. is appalling, and it needs to stop.

Behold what the kumbaya-niks hath wrought:

SkyKing showing aerials of multiple people, dressed in black, smashing windows at the old Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle. #seamayday

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) May 1, 2012

SkyKing following small group of people, dressed in black. Members of group throwing things, holding sticks, smashing windows. #seamayday

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) May 1, 2012

Homestreet Bank in the 1300 block of 6th Avenue was vandalized. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) May 1, 2012

In the 500 block of Olive, Bank of America was vandalized. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) May 1, 2012

In the 1200 block of 4th, Wells Fargo Bank was vandalized. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) May 1, 2012

My face is burning after being hit by police pepper spray and a protester smoke bomb.

— Joshua Trujillo (@joshtrujillo) May 1, 2012

Multiple reports: Seattle's Niketown badly damaged by #seamayday protestors.

— Chris Daniels (@ChrisDaniels5) May 1, 2012

Rich. RT @KIRO7Seattle: PHOTO: Was one of the people who smashed windows at Niketown wearing Nike shoes? http://t.co/tj2U2Ooh #seamayday

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 1, 2012

spray painted the anarchy "A" on it, because it's a Porsche I think http://t.co/UVFda5PL

— Greg (@FoolishReporter) May 1, 2012

@michellemalkin this is a federal building in Seattle from heli, with doors busted out http://t.co/C6MuDXb6

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) May 1, 2012

@michellemalkin was actually the Federal Court House in Seattle, confirmed by helicopter announcer – video http://t.co/PZIyGzSn

— Right Scoop (@trscoop) May 1, 2012

These are homemade incendiary devices. #SeaMayDay #SeattlePD http://t.co/JLkSfn9v

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) May 1, 2012

Unfortunately, this mind-blowing, stomach-turning depravity isn’t limited to Seattle. Like a plague, #MayDay “festivities” have infected cities across the country.

Portland, Oregon:

#OPDX #PLOC blow up smoke bombs at cops. #5vtshow @MichelleMalkin @orbusmax

— Victoria Taft (@VictoriaTaft) May 1, 2012


#Occupy Chicago #Riotmongers shout "Chicago to Greece, (blank) the police." http://t.co/tR02Y1Rq @michellemalkin @gatewaypundit #WAR

— Hating Breitbart (@HatingBreitbart) May 1, 2012

Chicago PD finds one of #Occupy's secret stashes of poo bombs. http://t.co/U0nN11x5 #tcot #ocra #terrorism

— Greg Irwin (@lionitr) May 1, 2012

just shut down the 5th boa of the day! #mayday #ochi #M1GS

— Occupy Chicago (@OccupyChicago) May 1, 2012



Occupy Oakland Patriarchy kicks off May Day with demonstration at Child Protective Services: A dozen or so people… http://t.co/J7NERLAN

— Oakland News (@breakingoaknews) May 1, 2012


Los Angeles:

Downtown LA streets impacted by #occupy protesters. Broadway closed. #MayDay

— randy is fed up (@pgkstj) May 1, 2012

Happy American May Day!!! Occupy LA have managed to shut down LAX – the most famous international airport in the… http://t.co/VFEW0B78

— Occupy NZ (@OccupyNZ) May 1, 2012


Occupy Philly Protestors are back…they're targeting banks. smh

— Dreana (@dreanabeana) May 1, 2012

Oh, and welcome back Occupy Philly. I appreciate your stupidity representing my voice as part of the 99%. Emergency vehicles say thanks too.

— Kelly Christine (@kchristine) May 1, 2012

And then there’s San Francisco, Cleveland, New York

In what universe is this acceptable? And when are we going to hear from Occupy bootlicker Nancy Pelosi and gutsy call-maker Barack Obama condemning these gross perversions of what it means to live in a free society?

Funny how Occupiers have to tell us that vandals/anarchists are not a part of their protests…at EVERY one of their protests. #seamayday

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 1, 2012

Occupiers JUST LIKE TeaPartiers. Well, except for the raping, defecating, window-smashing, bank-terrorizing, bridge bomb-plotting & stuff.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 1, 2012


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