This Time-Lapse Video Of Maggots Is Intriguing And So, So Disgusting

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There’s no shortage of weird videos of weird people doing weird things online. Because I’m a jaded internet user, it takes quite a bit for me to see something and say, “What the hell did I just watch?” When that does happen, you can be sure that there’s some seriously bizarre nonsense going on.

Take this time-lapse video posted by Redditor CloudWolf40, for example.

For whatever reason, he decided to let his camera run all day and film the maggots that were gathering on his patio.

(source: Reddit)

Strange doesn’t even begin to cover it. According to comments he posted after the video went live, the maggots were really after a bird carcass lying nearby. This grossed me out so much, and you know what they say: Misery loves company. You’re welcome.

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