He Was Exploring An Abandoned House When He Encountered A Possible Ghost…

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When exploring abandoned places is your passion, you need to be ready for the unexpected to happen at pretty much any moment.

Seasoned urban explorers all have their own kind of rituals and safety precautions when they’re on the job. For example, in interviews with urban explorer Seph Lawless, he said that he occasionally carries a gun with him while exploring certain places.

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However, for photographer and urban explorer Freaktography, nothing could have prepared him for what some believe he encountered inside this beautiful abandoned home in Ontario, Canada.

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The old stone house, which stood not far from the shores of Lake Michigan, was beginning to collapse in on itself.

Just imagine how beautiful this home must have been before it was abandoned.

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Old wallpaper still hangs in some of the rooms.

A dizzying view of the grand staircase.

While these pictures make the house look very abandoned, Freaktography was possibly not the only being inside the house on this particular day.

In addition to the photos, he also took some video. While he doesn’t remember anything weird happening, reviewing the footage later he spotted something weird dart across the camera at about the 1:25 mark. Could this house be haunted? Looks like it.

(source Freaktopgraphy)

Whoa. Alright, that was freaky as hell. For more photos like these, make sure to follow Freaktography on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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