If You Thought Ear Wax Was Bad, Wait Until You See What Came Out Of His Head

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Ear wax removal videos are becoming so popular on YouTube, I’m surprised they don’t have their own category yet. Still, that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten any less gross over the years. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that they’ve only become more disgusting. Some people just have a ton of wax in their ears. Others…well, they have a lot more than wax hanging out in there.
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You can meet one of them in the video below. But be warned. This footage is so nasty.

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Skip to the four-minute mark for the good stuff.

(source: EMG Medical Group)

And that’s why we practice basic hygiene. I feel bad for this person, but at the same time, come on. How does it get so bad that there’s a bug living in your ear and you have no idea?

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