Watching This Guy Play With His Pet Tarantula Is Pretty Frightening — Count Me Out

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Even though they’re not actually that poisonous, tarantulas still strike fear into our hearts, and for good reason. It’s honestly unsettling to come across giant, hairy spiders scurrying across the room, even if it’s on a computer screen.

But then there are those folks who are just naturals when it comes to handling them. Take this YouTuber, for example. He goes by the name of tarantulaguy1976, and he clearly fears nothing about tarantulas.

If you’re afraid of huge bugs, consider this your warning.

(source: tarantulaguy1976)

That man is braver than I will ever be. Just for some context, he’s 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds, and the spider still looks huge next to him! I won’t be sleeping tonight.

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