Girl Screams And Curses At Caretaker Because They’re Late For An iPhone Appointment

With the holidays just days away, tensions are probably at an all-time high as you rush to the mall to get last-minute stocking stuffers.

But because everyone and their mother is doing the same thing, there’s no chance you’ll make it in and out in a few minutes. One disrespectful teenager knows a thing or two about that. While waiting in line for food at her local mall food court, she began having a holiday meltdown because of her iPhone.

She was recorded screaming at her caretaker after realizing that she was going to be late to her appointment at the Apple store. As the ungrateful young woman’s voice reaches booming levels, bystanders can’t help but stop and stare.

This man deserves a medal for remaining so calm and collected. The girl? She deserves to be grounded until the end of time.

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