Robbers Tried To Take Her Baby But The Family Pit Bulls Saved The Day

Home invasions are incredibly scary, especially when robbers are bold enough to enter a house when the occupants are inside.

A woman named Nayeli was holding her three-month-old baby in her arms and talking to her husband, Adolfo, on the phone when she heard a noise. Two people, a woman and a man, had broken into her house. The couple demanded money from Nayeli, who said she didn’t have any.

The woman yanked the baby out of Nayeli’s hands and began to walk toward the back door. That’s when the family pit bulls stepped in to save the day.

The two dogs would not let the would-be kidnapper leave, growling at her until she went back into the house and handed the baby back to Nayeli.

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Nayeli was injured when she was hit with a gun during the incident, but she’s happy to be alive and still be able to hold her baby tight. Those dogs are real heroes! SHARE their story to show that it’s the owners, not the breed, that determine an animal’s behavior.

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