How These Guys Go About Killing Wasps Is How We Should All Be Doing It

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Summer is nearly at an end, which means that we’ll soon be dealing with shorter daylight hours and cold weather. Then again, there is one thing that I won’t miss about summer: the wasps. I flippin’ hate those things. Luckily, my encounters with them have been minimal this year and I haven’t had to deal with any large nests forming on my house.
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However, if I had, you can bet that I would’ve dealt with them in much the same way these intrepid Brazilians did. Using a long stick, some firecrackers, and some matches, they turned a nest to nothing in 30 seconds flat.

They should open their own pest-control company.

(via Reddit)

I laughed so hard when that nest exploded. Yes, I am laughing at the misfortune of a fellow life form, but if there’s any life form that deserves to have its home obliterated, it’s the wasp.

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