THIS Is The Reason Why You Should Have A Home Security System

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Some people might think you’re paranoid if you invest in a home security system.

But the fact is that even if you don’t have a history of break-ins, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. For evidence of this, I present the following video recorded on an admittedly terrible home security camera by Redditor drunle.

In a post on the social sharing site, he says that the creepy figure in the video below is a regular stalker of his…

I’d say it’s time to invest in some better locks.

However, this isn’t the first time the YouTube user has been “stalked.”

In fact, he might be the one with the obsession.

Or, he’s making these fake stalking videos just for shock value.

Either way, it’s a good reminder that there are a ton of creeps out there in the world: both the kind that stalk you…and the kind that are so obsessed with stalking, they make fake videos.

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