What He Did To Teach His Son About His Job Seems Harmless But Could Have Been Deadly

Parents: before you let your kids do something potentially dangerous, think long and hard about it first.

If you do manage to convince yourself that it’s okay, don’t ever post a video on social media. One father is now under investigation by police after he posted a Facebook video showing his young son at the wheel of his semi truck, driving on the highway while he happily filmed.

Mike Gustuson, a man who works (or worked) for a company called Ship Ex out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is now facing criminal charges.

Lt. Jeff Nigbur said of the incident, “The child does obviously not have a license or a CDL and is not experienced. He could’ve killed somebody.” Learn more in the video below.

Youtube / KUTV2News

“I kind of understand where he’s coming from as a father, having some good father-son bonding time, but honestly, that’s just not the way to do it,” said Nigbur.

(via KUTV2 News)

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This was so dangerous! I’m glad no one got hurt. Share this video to remind everyone that what they do (and later post online) can come with very real consequences.

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