How is WaPo’s ‘In the News’ like a Chris Farley character? [pic, video]!/charlescwcooke/status/441581251838095360

Snicker. How … random.!/RoninPhotoNYC/status/441582100538724353

WaPo is on it, dude!

The collection isn’t just random and baffling; Notice something missing?!/EvadMason/status/441582802618687490

Natch. But, hey, what difference does that make anyway, right guys?!/jtLOL/status/441568624776454144


This seems to be a daily occurrence for WaPo.!/gkygirlengineer/status/441282545368322048

Nice summation.

And this Twitter user brings it all home with a video nutshelling:!/DanFosterType/status/441582168494862336


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