Precious Cat Clings To Her Sister In A Shelter, They Need To Be Rescued Together!

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No matter how much they tease us, call us names, and tattle on our wrongdoings, the bond we share with our siblings will never break.

But if you think that special relationship can only be found between humans, you couldn’t be more wrong. Case in point, these sweet five-month-old orange and white tabbies.

After an adopter took one sister out to meet her, she got back into the cage and started kneading her sis.

This gesture is typically what kittens do when they’re nursing from their mom. It’s clear that they didn’t want to be separated.

The Cumberland County Animal Control Shelter vowed to adopt them out together. They even sent them to the same foster home.

But this isn’t the first example of siblings in shelters clinging to the only thing they know and love…their brother or sister.

These two may not look alike, but they were there when no one else was. They were taken home together, thankfully.

It’s clear that all living things want is a little love and affection. When it comes down to it, no one wants to be alone.

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